Kisah yang boleh menjadi tauladan

Cancer’s no barrier for champ


MALACCA: Young lass Yeo Yi Lin lost her left leg to bone cancer and is now battling against lung cancer. But she is not one to give up without a fight.

The 16-year-old plunged into the swimming competition at the 15th Paralympic Games here on Wednesday and swam her way to victory in the freestyle event.

Her victory prize was RM500, but the feeling of satisfaction was priceless.

Proud moment: Yi Lin being hugged by her mother, Gan Lay Kiew as she shows off her medal while her father Henry looks on.

The SM Notre Dame student did not have it easy from the start. After training hard for the freestyle and breaststroke events, she was informed that both the events were cancelled due to a lack of participants.

Yi Lin had signed up for the “S” category for athletes with missing limbs.

Undeterred, she and her parents appealed to the organisers for a chance to compete.

They relented and put her into the category for mentally-challenged, able-bodied swimmers.

“I had trained very hard for the Paralympics and was determined to win a medal,” she said after receiving the RM500 incentive from the Malacca state government at a ceremony yesterday.

Her father Henry Yeo, 45, who heads the logistic unit at a private company here, said the victory meant so much to his daughter.

Yi Lin was diagnosed with cancer when she was in Year Four and subsequently lost her left leg.

“At that time, she was very active in school and loved taekwando. We were all devastated,” he said.

Life handed Yu Lin another cruel blow when she was 12. Doctors found that the cancer had spread to her lungs.

Despite facing disability and her life-threatening condition, Yeo said the family never gave up and constantly encouraged Yi Lin to live life to the fullest.



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