Beautiful message from a sister

I received this message via email today and I think its very beautiful and meaningful.


Assalamualaikum to both the very special parents,

Indeed you are very special in the Eyes of Allah SWT, because only the selected few will be tested in their faith and believe in Allah SWT.

As we all know, and believe, our time on this earthly world is very limited. In your case, Allah SWT allows you to enjoy the time and prepare both you and your other children about the limited time that Nurul Islah has. As Allah SWT wants us to do our very best to find the most possible cure for any illness, it is also another indication that we will need to prepare Nurul Islah about the need to cross over to the other life.

In our remaining time to motivate Nurul Islah to fight her disease, may I also suggest that both of you also prepare her about the life that is much better than now, to prepare her that she and you both will meet again in Jannah soon, and for everyone in the family to be ready to say good bye to this short world. May Allah SWT have mercy on both of you and her family, and most blessings will be the time and day when she will tell you that she is ready to leave this world, and look forward to meet you in the Hereafter. She has a role to play, too, that she will be the protector for her parents against Hellfire. And you both are letting go of her because you are grateful to Allah SWT for lending Nurul Islah into your lives.

May we visit you soon? May Allah SWT showers you both and your family patience and blessings, and happiness for knowing the good news from Allah SWT who bestows His promise to the believers who are acceptance of His trials.



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