Week 16th – 22nd July 2007 – The Pain

Sorry for not being able to update this blog for the whole of last week (except for the news articles that I picked up from the internet).

Alhamdulillah, Kak Cik was rather stable the whole week except for Tuesday nite (17/7) when she had one of the worst headache so far. It was a very frightening situation The headache lasted fo almost 1 hour before she calmed down (due to exhaustion) and fell asleep.

The following nite Alhamdulillah, the pain recur but not as severe as the nite before.  We believe this may have something to do with her sleeping position. Instead of lying down normally, we had asked her to lie on her left (the tumor is located on the right/ back side of her head). The following nite was even better when we managed to buy an extra soft, but firm pillow for her. We believe the pain was exaggerated by the  extra pressure due to her sleeping position and the pillow that she had been using.  So, subsequent nites until yesterday, though there are still headaches especially when she is going to sleep, she can still tolerate them.

But last week was also very scary because Kak Teh (Nursyahirah) had come down with severe headaches since the previous Friday (13/7). She had also seems to be always sleepy. Though Dr. Rosdi (Klinik Anjung Karisma) believes that its probably not tumor related, we were still very worried. So, to clear our mind we took her to Hospital Tawakkal to see Dr. Abu Salim, a Consultant Neurologist. Alhamdulillah after doing the CT Scan, he confirmed that there is no tumor at all and the headache could probably be of migraine. He gave some pills but they don’t seems to be effective.

So, yesterday my wife took her to see Dr. (H) Hanafi, a homeopathic practitioner in Paroi Jaya. IMHO, he gave a more plausible diagnose. He said that she is lacking in certain nutrients especially Silica and the headache is a manifestation of that since she is in the pre-puberty age (hormone changes etc kot?). So, we’ll see hows these homeopathic remedies work, Insyaallah.


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