Prologue (14th June – 7th July 2007)

To give a proper perspective to the future postings, we would like to briefly explain the events that have occurred so far;

SYMPTOMS like severe headache, vomiting and blurred/ double vision only appears after 2nd June 2007.

14th June 2007 (Thursday)

Nurul Islah @ Kak Cik undergo a CT Scan at Columbia Asia Medical Center in Seremban.

Dr. Rosdi of Klinik Anjung Karisma in Seremban 2 broke the news to us that the mass shown in the image is a tumor.

Went up to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to meet a Neurosurgeon Dr. Kantha. The meeting was arranged by Dr. Dilshaad Ali, a good friend from my MERCY days. Dr. Kantha confirmed that there is a tumor at the Cerebellum and it has blocked the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) therefore causing Hydrocephalus and thus the symptoms.

15th June 2007 (Friday)

Kak Cik underwent a surgery in HKL to put in place a shunt‘ that’ll divert CSF to her abdomen. The surgery which lasted for about 1 hour (from 8pm) was successful in reducing the Hydrocephalus.


She was in ward 6B, Institut Kajisaraf Tuanku Abdul Rahman

16th June 2007 (Saturday)

Special prayers session was held in Salina’s (my sister) house in Bangi. Thank you.

18th June 2007 (Monday)

She’s not yet discharged but was allowed to return home (on leave).

Went to Pusat Perubatan Syifa’ Al Hidayah in Gombak. Hj Lokman prescribed two group of verses from Al Quran for us to recite daily;

  • After Solat Subuh : Hud (11) Verse 60 – 70
  • After Solat Maghrib/ Isya : As-Syuaraa (26) Verse 185 – 206

20th June 2007 (Wednesday)

MRI was done at about 7.30am. She was then discharged at about 3pm.

Today I was rather disappointed with one particular Oncologist at the Paediatrics Institute of HKL. I might want to write a bit about this incident later on.

Today also we took delivery of some products and apparatus to facilitate the application of Gerson’s Therapy on Kak Cik. Insyaallah, I will write a special page about this particular therapy

21st June 2007 (Thursday)

Met with Dr. Kantha to discuss the result of Kak Cik’s MRI yesterday. Briefly;

  • MRI can only indicates the size, form and location of a tumor. It cant confirm the type of tumor. Only after surgery they can do so by doing laboratory tests on the tumor tissues
  • From the look of it, a major surgery will have to be performed to remove the tumor.

We are however very grateful to Dr Kantha for taking his time to explain about the situation and for being understanding about our anxieties. He allowed to go home to seriously consider the situation and maybe get a second opinion before committing to the surgery.

23rd June 2007 (Saturday)

Today is a special because Nur Baiyyinah, our eldest daughter is enrolling into the Foundation Studies (Matriculation) of International Islamic University of Malaysia’s law program in PJ. She had always wanted to be a lawyer and to study in IIUM.

Today, we were also referred to a top Neurosurgeon in private practice for a second opinion. He was very nice and sincere but his analysis of the MRI was very nerve wrecking.

He said that he’s almost certain that the tumor is Medulloblastoma, a malignant and fast growing tumor. He also said that without surgery, it could be just matter of weeks before Kak Cik’s survival will be at stake. He however mentioned that the success rate of such surgery is about 90% but the 10% failure rate plus the associated risks are also very real.

A special family meeting organized in my parent’s home that nite concluded that;

  • Whatever decision that I & my wife make, they will support
  • though the surgery carries significant risks, the option not to do it is also very risky

25th June 2007 (Monday)

Met with Dr. Azizi Abu Bakar, a highly recommended Neurosurgeon in HUKM. He explained again about the surgery and we finally agreed to proceed. It was then scheduled that the surgery will be on 4th July 2007. It was however brought forward to 2nd July 2007.


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